Rappler’s Pia Ranada: The Newshen Who Has Balls

By Al Rosero

Rappler’s ace reporter Pia Ranada will surely land in the history of journalism in the country a good niche for standing firm, calm and professional, unshrinking and unpanicky before an enraged President Duterte spewing thunderous, scathing expletives against Rappler.

In a video obviously taken by a government camera whose footage was first shared to a DDS troll sites, Duterte was surrounded by more than a dozen of PSG bodyguards and staffers. He spewed out high-pitched verbal tirades against Rappler about its foreign ownership issue, that resulted to the cancellation of its license by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


But Pia maintained her poise and grace as an articulate and assertive reporter under so intense pressure no less than made by the country’s most powerful man, who is earning a lot of despotic descriptions in his attempts to suppress Rappler, which has been equated by media organizations and foreign press as press freedom.

But instead of caving in, Pia confronted Duterte, rolled the video camera of her cellphone even as she was throwing follow up questions and motioning resistance and opposition to the scoldings and reasonings of Duterte.

Pia seems to be alone as other reporters distanced from her position while the burly persons surrounding the PDuterte stood in standstill listening, casting a collective machismo on guard, whose sight is enough for any faint-hearted woman to fall to her knees.

If there is apt description that can be given to Pia Ranada for her class act in a so hellish situation right inside Malacanang Palace, it is that she is a brave newshen who has balls to assert and find truth, to be true and loyal to her craft.