Carmen VM Bong Soriano Recalls Apt Decision of Kingpin Cong. TBF To Endorse Him

A year and two months after his assumption into office, Carmen (Davao del Norte) Vice Mayor Lynneo “Bong” Soriano recalled that it was politically apt decision of District 2 kingpin Cong. Tony Boy Floirendo (TBF) to endorse him as the vice mayoral standard bearer of the ruling local party in the district, the Kusog Baryohanon.

Soriano was anointed by the known district kingpin for such, close before the deadline of the filing of certificate of candidacy instead of now Top 1 Councilor Leonidas “Leonie” Bahague to run in tandem with the chosen mayoral standard bearer and now Mayor Virgie Perandos. She was first picked by her husband then exiting third-termer Mayor Marcelino Perandos. Cong. TBF just endorsed the latter. The Virgie-Leonie tandem had then been circulating in the town’s twenty barangays more than a year before the May 2016 polls.


Bahague, failing to get the kingpin’s anointment, shifted to running for councilor and topped in the race.

In an interview, Vice Mayor Soriano believes that the kingpin’s decision was anchored more on his being a member among the pioneers in town. His father, a lawyer, was the first municipal secretary in 1965 and had served as provincial administrator during the early years of the then undivided province.

The vice mayor was a councilor when anointed.

He likes to think that Cong. TBF’s decision was just right as “ang prinsipyo sa among pamilya, di magdaug-daug ug tawo, di mag take advantage sa kalisud sa ubang tawo, di mangawat, di manghilabot sa kwarta sa katawhan. My principle is to decide for the good of the people. Ang imong pagkatawo maoy makit-an dayon sa mga tawo.”

Now he’s steering good the town’s 14th Sangguniang Bayan. He and the nine other SB members are preoccupied legislating and holding their regular Consultative Legislative Dialogue (CLD) that has been rotated in 20 barangays.

CLD is a consultative dialogue where barangay officials and functionaries and people interact with SB members and department heads for issues, concerns and problems to be tackled and given solutions and relief within 15 days. 

Cong. TBF is said to be beleaguered now as last Monday the Ombudsman indicted him in the graft complaint filed by District 1 Cong. and Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez, thus sending the complaint for judgment by the Sandiganbayan.

TBF subsequently issued a statement welcoming the Ombudsman’s action and pinning hope the Sandiganbayan would give a ruling favorable to him and not to Alvarez, who earlier boasted that the jail awaited for Floirendo out of his graft complaint.

There have been wild talks in the rounds that should the Sandiganbayan make a verdict unfavorable to Floirendo before the 2019 midterm election, District 2- longtime bailiwick of the Floirendo- loses a vital leg to stand on, triggering fear and anxiety to the Kusog Baryohanon incumbents amid the incursions of the PDP-Laban led by Alvarez to District 2. ( Monforte)