Carmen VM Bong Soriano Recalls Apt Decision of Kingpin Cong. TBF To Endorse Him

A year and two months after his assumption into office, Carmen (Davao del Norte) Vice Mayor Lynneo “Bong” Soriano recalled that it was politically apt decision of District 2 kingpin Cong. Tony Boy Floirendo (TBF) to endorse him as the vice mayoral standard bearer of the ruling local party in the district, the Kusog Baryohanon.

Soriano was anointed by the known district kingpin for such, close before the deadline of the filing of certificate of candidacy instead of now Top 1 Councilor Leonidas “Leonie” Bahague to run in tandem with the chosen mayoral standard bearer and now Mayor Virgie Perandos. She was first picked by her husband then exiting third-termer Mayor Marcelino Perandos. Cong. TBF just endorsed the latter. The Virgie-Leonie tandem had then been circulating in the town’s twenty barangays more than a year before the May 2016 polls.


Bahague, failing to get the kingpin’s anointment, shifted to running for councilor and topped in the race.

In an interview, Vice Mayor Soriano believes that the kingpin’s decision was anchored more on his being a member among the pioneers in town. His father, a lawyer, was the first municipal secretary in 1965 and had served as provincial administrator during the early years of the then undivided province.

The vice mayor was a councilor when anointed.

He likes to think that Cong. TBF’s decision was just right as “ang prinsipyo sa among pamilya, di magdaug-daug ug tawo, di mag take advantage sa kalisud sa ubang tawo, di mangawat, di manghilabot sa kwarta sa katawhan. My principle is to decide for the good of the people. Ang imong pagkatawo maoy makit-an dayon sa mga tawo.”

Now he’s steering good the town’s 14th Sangguniang Bayan. He and the nine other SB members are preoccupied legislating and holding their regular Consultative Legislative Dialogue (CLD) that has been rotated in 20 barangays.

CLD is a consultative dialogue where barangay officials and functionaries and people interact with SB members and department heads for issues, concerns and problems to be tackled and given solutions and relief within 15 days. 

Cong. TBF is said to be beleaguered now as last Monday the Ombudsman indicted him in the graft complaint filed by District 1 Cong. and Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez, thus sending the complaint for judgment by the Sandiganbayan.

TBF subsequently issued a statement welcoming the Ombudsman’s action and pinning hope the Sandiganbayan would give a ruling favorable to him and not to Alvarez, who earlier boasted that the jail awaited for Floirendo out of his graft complaint.

There have been wild talks in the rounds that should the Sandiganbayan make a verdict unfavorable to Floirendo before the 2019 midterm election, District 2- longtime bailiwick of the Floirendo- loses a vital leg to stand on, triggering fear and anxiety to the Kusog Baryohanon incumbents amid the incursions of the PDP-Laban led by Alvarez to District 2. ( Monforte)


CCTV-Connected Mawab from Poblacion to All Barangays Coming- Mayor Rupet Gonzaga

Mawab Mayor Ruperto “Rupet” Gonzaga will be putting up in the coming months a municipalwide CCTV (closed circuit TV) system from the poblacion to all its 11 barangays.

“This project worth P4 million would be from the poblacion to all barangays. Videos even from most remote barangay can be seen in the central monitor right in the municipal hall,” he said, citing the importance of the CCTV in the municipality’s peace and order campaign.

Mayor Rupet Gonzaga (right, in white T shirt) discussing his big-ticket projects with his barangay captains.

He informed this Friday during a meeting of barangays captains.

He said the number of cameras each barangay would have would depend on its size and peculiarities and next week the contractor’s technical staff would conduct detailed site inspection and analysis.

“Every street in the poblacion, the public market, commercial areas, to schools and important others would have cameras,” he added.

In Metro Manila and other cities and usually urban areas and high-end subdivisions, CCTVs have time and again shown to be effective in deterring crimes and sources of footages in knowing crime suspects or analyzing crime occurences, accidents and the like.

Mayor Gonzaga is trailblazing in this innovation of connecting his town’s urban and rural areas through CCTV system.

A barangay captain said that the CCTV could greatly help in countering incidents of lungkab or akyat bahay in his barangay.

The project is part of Mayor Gonzaga’s “Bag-ong Mawab” program. Besides, he also informed the barangay that the new public market project in three-hectare land would be implemented with P50 million funding, P15 million of which comes from the municipal government and the rest from Congress thru Congressman Ruwel Peter Gonzaga. All streets in the poblacion would also he cemented. ( Monforte)

Transfer of Comval Provincial Jail Most Possibly Next Year with the P50M Loan- Warden Coquilla

Compostela Provincial Warden Jose Marvin Coquilla said that after 19 years of freely staying in Brgy. Mankilam, Tagum City they could most possibly transfer next year, 2018 as the P30-million bank loan has been approved to complete the new provincial jail in four-hectare land in Brgy. Sta. Maria, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley.

“The provincial government has been all moving things so we with more than 600 detainees could finally transfer next year,” Coquilla said.

Aside from the bank loan, the provincial government also infused P5 million from its general fund, which is now being used in the construction of the administration building, kitchen and powerhouse, he added.


For this, he profusely thanked the leadership of the Uys, current Gov. Tyron Uy and past Gov. and now senior Board Member Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy.

The Compostela Valley Provincial Rehabilitation Center is using the old jailing facilities and land side by side with the provincial jail of Davao del Norte inside the provincial Capitol complex since the carving out of Compostela Valley from the erstwhile undivided Davao del Norte in 1998.

The two provincial jails are bounded only by barbed wires but with the same main gate with their respective sentry guard houses facing at each other.

The Compostela Valley Provincial jail has over 20 high-profile communist detainees.

Compostela Valley’s provincial detainees have to be motored by provincial guards about 50 kms from Mankilam to Regional Trial Court in poblacion Nabunturan during court hearings.

There was one instance towards the mid 2000s that New People’s Army rebels daringly sprang out their jailed comrade who was on transit for a court hearing at the zigzag section of the national highway between Mawab town and Tagum City.

The rebels suddenly flagged down the convoy of provincial guards and without firing a shot they plucked out their comrade and fled to mountainous areas. ( Monforte)


Tagum ABC’s Popo Estabillo Authors Ordinance To Help Brgy Officials in 4 Crisis Situations

Barangay officials in Tagum City are given greater help by the ordinance authored by their ABC president-representative Prospero “Popo” Estabillo Jr.

If they are in crisis situations such sickness, accident, hospitalization or meet death, they could avail of the cash assistance fund legislated by City Ordinance No. 823, series of 2017.


The 7th City Council approved the Estabillo’s ordinance on Sept. 12, 2017. ( Monforte)

Baby, Bong, Kim- Early Board Member Wannabes for District 1 DavNor

Former Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, Tagum City Councilor Tristan Royce “Bong” Aala, and Robert “Kim” Eliot, law graduate son of last-termer Board Member Vicente Eliot are interesting names who are early board member wannabes for District 1 of Davao del Norte.

Suaybaguio, a good board member material even if he runs independent, can also run for Congress in the 2019 midterm election.


Both Aala and Eliot are also no-pushover political names in vote-rich Tagum City.

Matriarch Board Member Shirley Belen Aala and patriarch Board Member Vicente “Inting” Eliot are on their last term at present. ( Monforte)

District 1’s Alvarez Puts Up Political Leaders in District 2: Readying for Battle Royale Vs. Floirendo

Davao del Norte District 1 Congressman and Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez has now political battle-tested leaders in every town and city in the traditional bailiwick district of his nemesis Congressman Antonio “Tony Boy” Floirendo Jr.

The putting up of Alvarez’ core of political leaders in the District 2 is generating speculations that the Speaker, who filed a graft complaint at the Ombudsman against Floirendo, is girding for a provincewide battle royale in the midterm 2019 election, further raising that a scenario as Alvarez enters the turf of the Floirendos, the latter would also enter District 1 in the run-up to the coming polls to try to fail him in his reelection bid.

speaker alvarez

In District 1, Speaker Alvarez has not much trouble getting allies as during the recent PDP-Laban mass oath-taking he got Kapalong Mayor Tess Timbol, San Isidro Mayor Arnel Sitoy and wife of last-termer Talaingod Mayor Basilio Libayao swearing in to join with earlier PDP-Laban member Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon. In the district, it is only Asuncion Mayor Yuri and New Corella Mayor Rhodora Alcoran who chose not to swear yet as new PDP-Laban members.

A mammoth crowd of barangay, municipal and city elected incumbent officials from across the province trooped last August 28 at the Tagum New City Hall to swear in as new PDP -Laban members.

Sources said that Governor Anthony del Rosario did not join the mass oath-taking because he was not invited in the first place by Alvarez, although another source said that he might as “will join later on after asking formal permission from or giving formal notice to the national directorate of the Liberal Party.”  But pundits speculated that the governor might have been been more reserved and careful not to disturb Del Rosarios’ family reconciliation with the Floirendos that has resulted to their leadership and party coalition for three elections already.

To recall, it was Cong. Floirendo who brought Alvarez to the Comelec provincial office to file his certificate of candidacy under PDP-Laban in  last year’s polls. He defeated ex-Cong. Arrel Olano and ex-City Councilor Nickel Suaybaguio. After winning as congressman, Alvarez was swept to prominence in the national corridor of power by winning as the Speaker of the House of Representatives by the nod of President Duterte.

Alvarez filed a graft complaint last March at the Ombudsman against Floirendo, questioning Tadeco’s Joint Venture Agreement with the government.  In his graft complaint, Alvarez alleged that Floirendo violated Section 3(h) of Republic Act No. 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act which defines as a corrupt act “directly or indirectly having financing or pecuniary interest in any business, contract, or transaction in connection with which he intervenes or takes part in his official capacity, or in which he is prohibited by the Constitution or by any law from having any interest.”

“From its very inception, Tadeco has been wholly owned by (Floirendo) and his family,” Alvarez said in the complaint.

The Speaker noted that when the agreement between Tadeco and BuCor was renewed in 2003, extending the agreement for another 25 years, Floirendo was serving his 2nd term as Davao del Norte 2nd District representative.

The JVA got adverse findings from the probing committees of the Lower House, Dept. of Justice, Commission on Audit and the Office of the Solicitor General, all of which were contested and refuted by Tadeco lawyers. ( Monforte)

Comval Board Member Joanna Gentugaya Aspiring for Congresswoman in District 1

Board Member Joanna Gentugaya, wife of Monkayo Mayor Ramil Gentugaya, is reportedly interested to run for congresswoman in District 1 of Compostela Valley.

Inasmuch that Congresswoman Maricar Zamora is now on her last term, at least two incumbent officials are reportedly interested for the post by 2019 election, and the other is Cong. Maricar’s father ex-Cong. and last-termer Vice Gov. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora.

(Photo credit via Facebook-Joanna Gentugaya)

Sources said Board Member Joanna is taking a crack to apply for said post inasmuch that it is considered “vacant” for anybody in the PDP-Laban party to apply on the run-up to the filing of certificate of candidacy for the 2019 midterm election.

Recently, almost all of the incumbent elected officials in the province from provincial down to barangay levels swore in the mass oath-taking of new PDP-Laban members whipped up by Speaker Bebot Alvarez and Senate President Koko Pimentel. They, led by Gov. Tyron Uy and his father political kingpin and senior Board Member Chiongkee Uy, abandoned the Liberal Party.

Political pundits have speculated that Congw. Maricar would “swap posts” with her father by aspiring for vice governor in the next polls.

“BM Joanna would try to apply hoping she might be the party’s pick,” a pundit dared venture a futuristic guess this early.

First-termer Joanna is a scion of a rich family having intensive businesses in Davao City, Mindanao. ( Monforte)