Opening Salvo of Alvarez-Dujali-Private Sector Road Graveling Made in Panabo Long-Neglected Road

Villagers of Barangay Manay, Panabo City were either teary-eyed or they wore big smiles upon seeing Monday morning big dumptrucks unloading gravel on the pothole-laden, long neglected city road fronting their houses.

“Thank you so much Speaker (Pantaleon) Alvarez and Vice Governor (Alan) Dujali. Our road has been neglected since 2015,” said Albina Gorgonio, 63, resident of Purok 4, Manay.

speaker alvarez vice gov dujali
It was just the opening salvo of the districtwide road graveling initiative of the speaker and the vice governor in cooperation with the private sector, and for Panabo City, it was participated in by businessman Engr. Franklin Gentiles, president of Abante Panabo.

The gravel-earth road first chosen has been a runaway problem of villagers of at least five barangays, and of passengers and motorists. The road, which is used going to Davao City’s Paquibato District, stretches about 5 kms from the border of Barangays Mabuhay of Davao City and Dalisay to past centro Manay.

Besides the cobwebs of potholes, it turns so muddy and slippery giving hellish and delicate road experience to motorists, earning a sarcastic tag “Chocolate Road”. During dry spell it is a so dusty road covering potholes resulting at times to pothole accidents commonly motorcycle crashes.

The launch of the graveling initiative Monday was trailblazing in that there is like a public-private project pushed at the grassroots level to long felt need, and when two 80-cubic dumptrucks and a grader on free use as counterpart of the private sector hurried doing road maintenance works, these attracted voluntarism from nearby quarry operators to also contribute loads of gravel and volunteerism from the villagers. There was sort of shot of awakening thrown to the city government.

There was bayanihan camaraderie of the villagers, concerned village leaders and implementors led by Vice Gov. Aldo Dujali, who was earlier named by the speaker as his infra pointman in District 2 given the zero budget of Cong. Tony Boy Floirendo in Congress.

Dujali said to the village leaders he wanted to make the road maintenance work a monthly affair for the Manay road and called for joint barangay resolution for the road concreting as a final solution which he would bring to Speaker Alvarez.

After the long-neglected, deteriorated roads in the city would be cured, those of other towns in District 2 would follow suit in Bebot-Aldo-private sector-community road graveling initiative. ( Monforte)