Chiongkee Still Leaves Tagum Brgy Audience Hanging on What Post He’ll Run To | But 1 Brgy Capt Says at the End of the Day Chiongkee Will Run for Mayor vs Rellon

Compostela Valley senior Board Member Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy talked for more than an hour before a different provincial audience composed of more than 300 barangay captains, kagawads and key functionaries, all from Tagum City, Friday night in Davao City.

He first talked about his invitation to the gathering, the 4th Liga ng mga Barangay Congress of the city chapter being held at hideous D’ Leonor Inland Resort in Malagamot area, which would run until Sunday, Feb. 18.


He said that the occasion might as well provide him the opportunity to clarify on the speculations about him planning to run to a certain post like for mayor, governor, or for any post.

He and DILG Tagum City Director Eliza Mendoza were the only top officials present during the opening of the barangay congress.

Uy said that he was at first reluctant to accept the invitation of the city Liga president Prospero “Popo” Estabillo, Jr to talk before them, saying he is not an official of the province.

Later he said that he came “from Tagum” and “from Madaum”, then he traced a bit of the history of his family, his father, 24, and mother, 16, then when they arrived in 1944 in Madaum.

He added he was born in Madaum, and the present barangay indigenous mandatory representative Kagan Datu Abelardo Bangud is his “kababata.”

“I recalled we sometimes walked from Madaum to the crossing of Tagum (about 14 kms in distance) when there was no vehicle,” the ex-Comval governor said.

In 1974 the Uy family transferred in poblacion of then municipality of Tagum.

He said he believes in destiny, like it never crossed in his mind that one day he would become a governor, or his son Jayvee Tyron becomes the present governor in Comval.

“It’s really hard when political leaders are not united,” he said, recalling what had happened in Comval during the last term of ex-Gov. Joecab Caballero.

He took a swipe at Amatong who did not endorse him thinking that the former was the kingpin.

Uy then shifted talking in length on the feeding program of Comval that he wanted to be replicated first in Madaum and neighboring barangays.

As to speculations that he would be running in Tagum or in its province, he said: “kabalo man mo ron grabe ang iringan sa inyong lugar. Taga Tagum ko, di pwede di ma involve. Motabang gyod ko bisag wa koy plano. Kay politiko ko, ila dayong koloran, but syempre taga Madaum ko. It’s payback time,” adding he would help in the unity of the warring top leaders in the province.

He described Speaker Bebot Alvarez as his “kababata” and the Floirendos and Del Rosarios as “all of my friends.”

After his long talk, Uy then witnessed the distribution and raffling of kitchen and glass wares and LED TVs, gift certificates and cash gifts he gave to barangay officials.

Meanwhile, a barangay captain said in an interview after the distribution of goodies that “It is now clear to me that at the end of the day Chiongkee will run for mayor against (Mayor Allan) Rellon.”

The barangay captain, who asked not to be named, added that the Comval board member talked so much “but still left us hanging.” ( Monforte)