In Davao del Norte, Everybody Is Already Jumping to Speaker’s PDP-Laban: AGR No Choice

Everybody in Davao del Norte is already jumping to the PDP-Laban led by Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez.

Former Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, former Tagum City Councilor Nickel Suaybaguio went to Congress Monday last week and inside the office of the Speaker they took oath as new members of PDP-Laban administered by the Speaker himself.  

The Speaker’s brother in Mason worshipful association Nick Suaybaguio, Sr swore in ahead as new PDP-Laban member not as a politician but as believer of President Digong Duterte, PDP-Laban chairman, whom Nick sees as “Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio rolled into one.”

Speaker Alvarez puts his arm to Mason brother Nick Suaybaguio in photo opportunity inside the Speaker’s office in Congress after the latter took his oath as new member of PDP-Laban.

The Last 2 District 1 mayors who did not yet pledge to PDP-Laban – New Corella Mayor Doray Alcoran and Asuncion Mayor lawyer Yuri Dayaday are now reportedly preparing for the mass oathtaking of their groups on Oct. 15.

Mayor Alcoran said that Governor Anthony del Rosario would follow suit “in due time.”

Last August 28 afternoon the Speaker and Senate President Koko Pimentel sworn in thousands of municipal and barangay officials in Davao del Norte during the PDP-Laban mass oathtaking at the New Tagum City Hall.

They also sworn in 99.7 percent of provincial, municipal and barangay officials in Compostela Valley morning of the same day.

Though in Davao Del Norte, the mass defection from Liberal Party is happening only in District 1 while District 2 was only disturbed by yet one defection case in the swearing in of IGACOS Mayor Al David Uy, pundits said that Gov. Del Rosario “would have no choice but ultimately be a turncoat to PDP-Laban from the LP” to get the equity of the incumbent in the next election and handily make his reelection possibly without an opponent.

Pundits said that the governor is just so cautious not to rock the boat in the Del Rosario’s family reconciliation with the Floirendos that has already passed two elections anchored on political unification after the divisive rift between the two families within the same clan towards the 2007 polls.

The last two elections (2016, 2013) had not seen the two reigning political families in the province- Del Rosario and Floirendo- fighting in electoral front in the province via proxy political wars in cities and municipalities as they reconciled and effected political unification on the principle of not disturbing each other’s bailiwicks (Floirendos to District 2, Del Rosarios to District 1).

Currently, the Speaker has running bad feud with erstwhile bosom friend Cong. Tony Boy Floirendo, and with this, pundits see the governor’s swearing in to Alvarez-led PDP-Laban as giving political challenge to Cong. Floirendo and to Tadeco, whose age-old Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with government has been sought for nullification by Alvarez.

Besides, the Speaker had sued Floirendo in a graft case that the Ombudsman recently given favorable endorsement to the Sandiganbayan for judgment.

Alvarez in various media interviews also said he is also preparing a plunder case against Floirendo family members over the same JVA issue, which the Floreindo and Tadeco lawyers already refuted as assailable in various fora including in Congressional committee probes.

It is also strange seeing the governor to be sworn in by newly comebacking Cong. Alvarez, but who is now a reigning strong, powerful Duterte boy Speaker. ( Monforte)