Mediocre Teachers, Fake Doctors of Education Produced by Diploma Mill in Cebu Are Increasing in Davao Region

Mediocre teachers who cannot even speak English are increasing in number in Davao Region, and are getting promoted due to their doctorate degrees obtained in short time from a diploma mill school in Cebu.

“This modus, scam of producing fake PhDs, Doctors of Education by a certain Dr. ******* who connects with a school in Cebu has got to stop,” said an elementary teacher, who is teaching somewhere north of Davao Region.

3nqvtvnHe said the DepEd division he is under would have a dark future of having many teachers getting promoted as school principals and heads as they brandish their dubious doctorate degrees from a diploma mill in Cebu.

In fact, he said he is dismayed each time his principal, a product of Dr. Ispongklong (not his real name) of the diploma mill, begs off he cannot speak English during school programs and his fellow teachers would just laugh or smile, understanding their “bugo but dakog sweldo nga principal”.

He questioned: “what if most of the schools in the district have these mediocre teachers leading, what are the learning outcomes? Surely we’ll end up producing dull pupils and students, for having bugo school leaders, we end up producing bugo students, then we fail in educating.”

“But we are suffering already from intellectual mediocrity by position-oriented mediocre teachers who have no capability to produce good learning outcomes,” he said.

The source also bared that Dr. Ispongklong has a sort of recruiter from among his products, and this recruiter has a district-level position.

Obtaining a doctorate degree via Dr. Ispongklong is easy but costly as doctorate title-seeking teachers would only have a year of schooling and then a paid dissertation worth about P180,000 package deal by Dr. Ispongklong, and in sum they just need more than P300,000 in a year of studying and dissertation, then on the next year, they graduate as doctor of education, as PhD, said the source.

In reputable universities, getting a doctorate degree would take about four years. ( Monforte)