P10M Worth ASEAN Travel of DavNor Provincial Officials Brings Them to Wonderful Places

This is a developing story:

Some 22 officials of Davao del Norte Capitol are currently travelling in Southeast Asia and they are bound to visit Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in what the provincial government officially billed in their travel proposal as “ASEAN Integration Learning Exchange Caravan (AILEC)”.

They, led by Gov. Anthony del Rosario, form as the first batch of travellers, and a source said that each of the board members and department heads have P170,000 approved budget in their itinerary for two weeks’ time. The governor however has greater budget, being the top VIP.

At that per-capita budget, the total budget of their ASEAN travel could roughly be P10 million considering that the second batch of about the same number would fly next when the first batch arrives.

DavNor travellers at Bati Caves, Kuala Lumpur. (photo credit via Facebook – Shirley Belen Aala)

Earlier, it was reported all department heads and all board members, the vice governor and the governor would be off for ASEAN tour altogether in one group from Oct. 1 to 13.

A source said the DILG did not like the idea that the Capitol would be left run by deputies. So, it was divided into two batches, with the second batch to be led by current acting Governor (Vice Gov.) Alan Dujali.

From Facebook posts of Board Member Shirley Belen Aala, the first batch travellers have already gone to Singapore, Malaysia and as of Sunday they were in Thailand.

In Singapore, they toured the modern city using a modern transport, Phil. Embassy, flower, squash garden by the bay with backdrop of a beautiful dome, among wondrous sites they toured, watched evening show of stage in the sea, and had roundtable discussion at WSH Institute, Ministry of Communication and Technology officials.

In Malaysia, among sites, they toured and went malling in the Twin Petronas Building, Bati Caves, Golden Buddha in Kuala Lumpur, watched cultural show, had exchanged of best practices with Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government. (mindanaosunchronicle.com/Cha Monforte)