Samal Island Now a PDP-Laban Country, Frees from Floirendo Political Bailiwick

Samal Island is now clearly a PDP-Laban country, freed from being part of the traditional bailiwick of the Floirendos as supermajority of the island’s elected officials from the city level down to the barangays swore in to become new members of the PDP-Laban party led by Speaker Bebot Alvarez Saturday at Babak gymnasium.

Vice Gov. Alan Dujali, earlier PDP-Laban member from being largely independent, gave his omniscient presence in the political event.

No less than the Speaker swore them all to join with their leader Mayor Al David Uy, who first joined  the administration party alone during the first mass oathtaking of new PDP-Laban members in Tagum City last Aug. 28.

(Photo credit- via Facebook-Hur Camporedondo)

That time the mayor was dubbed as “nasunog” to mean exposed by pundits for having sworn alone without his group or winning slate. But accordingly the mayor was just humbly sports as he respected his councilors who did not go with him on do-day although they promised Uy to be with him.

That time, going to PDP-Laban where there is Alvarez who has deep bad relations with Congressman Tony Boy Floirendo is an act of not siding with the latter.

But last Saturday only four of the 14 members of the City Council and also only four of the 46 barangay captains did not join the party, a top source said.

Swearing in barangay officials (brgy. captains and kagawads) composed the mammoth red-shirt-wearing crowd in the island in what was otherwise described as a mass defection from Floirendos’ local party Kusog Baryohanon to President Duterte’s ruling party, the PDP-Laban.

The political world of Cong. Floirendo in District 2 is getting smaller each mass oathtaking even as his clanmate Governor Anthony del Rosario (Liberal Party) was earlier reported to be joining the PDP-Laban “in due time.” ( Monforte)

Datu Lig-onan Successfully Pushes Tipanud Festival Ordinance for 7 Tribes in Davao del Norte

Davao del Norte Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) Datu Marcial Lig-onan successfully pushed for the passage of an ordinance enshrining a provincewide Tinapud Festival every 4th week of October to celebrate, showcase and promote the culture, tradition and products of the seven tribes of the province.

The seven tribes of Davao del Norte are  Mansaka, Sama, Dibabawon, Mangguangan, Ata-Manobo, Mandaya and Kalagan.

Tipanud Festival has been celebrated in the province but it has not been enshrined in provincial legislation until Datu Lig-onan authored it. He got it approved by the provincial board last Sept. 18.

datu marcial lig-onan

The ordinance has funding provision for the provincial government to determine yearly exclusive of the counterpart of the three cities and eight municipalities of the province.

The Provincial Tribal Council and Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives of Davao del Norte shall jointly formulate the implementing guidelines under the supervision of the Office of the Governor.

Datu Lig-onan hails from Dibabawon tribe from San Isidro town.

He is the second IPMR in the history of the province after Datu Victor Pandian ended his three-year term.

Vice Governor Alan Dujali administered the oath of office of Datu Lig-onan before members of the provincial board in a fitting ceremony preceding the SP maiden session for the year 2017 last Jan. 9, after being endorsed by Governor Anthony del Rosario for the post.

The 69-year-old Dibabawon Datu is a high school graduate and had served as Batangas captain of Gupitan, San Isidro and is also presently the town’s municipal IPMR. ( Monforte)

ENRO Engr. Senajon: Barangay-based Waste Collection Proves Sustainable in Panabo City

The barangay-based waste collection system of Panabo City is proving to be just sustainable until todate after being used in the past 20 years.

“Compared to other cities where waste collection throughout is done by the city governments, in our city each barangay collects its own wastes while the our city government only collects the wastes from the public markets, city roads, public plaza and government institutions,” said Panabo City Environment Officer Engr. Felix Jonases Senajon.

He said this system started during the time of the late Mayor Versim Enad in the late 90s when the barangays bought their own garbage trucks through a loan facilitated by the city government.

engr felix jonases senajon
Panabo City Environment Officer Engr. Felix Jonases Senajon, MEP-Envi.,CE

“Now all our 40 barangays are still collecting their wastes and getting income from garbage fees,” he said.

All throughout wastes in the city collected daily reach to 40-50 tons. These are collected by two dumptrucks and three compactors of the city government, and 24 dumptrucks from various barangays.

The wastes are dumped to the city’s controlled dumpsite at Brgy. Malitbog.

Meanwhile, Engr. Senajon also bared that the city continues to have no mining activities except quarrying in various sites in the Lasang River.

Panabo City is considered as the cavendish banana capital of the Philippines owning mostly to the vast plantations of TADECO.

TADECO, however, has larger areas which have been petitioned for land reform by agrarian reform beneficiary groups while the Joint Venture Agreement covering its 5,308 hectares leased from Bureau of Corrections is in danger of going back to the government due to aggressive legal petitions of Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. ( Monforte)

Panabo Mayor Gamao Mum On His Cop’s Gun Shooting Into Air ‘Harassing’ Newswoman

Panabo City Mayor James Gamao would not reply to the allegation hurled by a 40-year-old newswoman in Davao del Norte that his guard in the house and a “responding” policeman harassed her at the gate of the mayor’s house at around 6 a.m. last Sept. 25.

Josephine Velasco, editor of Davao Times based in Asuncion town, took to Facebook on that day and at around 10:15 a.m. she posted that the yet unidentified guard in the mayor’s house located in Gamao Subdivision in the city allegedly pushed her away outside the gate.

“The bodyguard push me away & holding cellphone. I assumed that he is calling a policemen. Then I am right cuz after 15 mins one policeman arrived in mayor’s house then push me away physically in bisaya, ‘gisikaran ko niya ug gitadyagan sabay pabuto sa pusil’ (he kicked me simultaneously shooting his gun into the air) then further saying ‘hawa diri samuk kaayo ka!’ (get out of here you’re troublesome!) then I am shaking saying ‘okay muoli nako’ (okay I’ll go home),” Velasco alleged.

She also alleged that cops incharge to the blotter at that day refused to have the incident put in blotter.

This reporter tried to approach the mayor Monday morning standing near the door leading to the his office in the City Hall and called him about Velasco’s allegation, but he waved his hand saying he did not want to reply on the issue. He immediately went inside his office, apparently stonewalling the newswoman’s issue.

His longtime staffer Mel-Jun Badal said that he also learned that the mayor “appears not keen on entertaining the issue” although he said he (Badal) really did not know about the details of Velasco’s experience even as he said he also read her Facebook posts on the matter.

josephine velasco mayor gamao

On her Facebook’s first post last Sept. 25, Velasco said that she arrived at the mayor’s house at around 6:00 a.m. that day purposely to seek help from the mayor.

At the gate, she said she called for anybody in the house and a “fat guy with fair complexion” told her that the mayor was still asleep.

Valasco said she then asked the man to allow her to wait at the porch of the mayor’s house until the mayor wakes up.

Then the man, she continued in her post, that “the guy rudely answered to me to wait outside.”

Velasco answered that the guy was just brave enough, one whom she first encountered.

Then the guy shouted “you’re no longer right”, Velasco said, adding that the man also made a sign language pointing to his head to suggest she is crazy.

She said that after a while Mayor Gamao appeared and he called her saying, “Pssst Josephine tama na then he give me money then I replied dili ko mudawat ana (I’ll not accept that) but he insisted (then) I finally accepted that bullshit money,” Velasco posted.

After that, that incident of pushing, kicking her and a cop’s gun shooting into the air followed.

Velasco did not say where the mayor was when that the alleged kicking and gun shooting occurred.

In an earlier interview, Velasco said that the gun was shot once just near his ear.

She said that after the gun blast, some neighbors of the mayor came out to know the situation.

She said she then tried to have the incident put in police blotter after but some cops, she alleged, did not want it blottered.

On Sept. 28, 2017, she posted addressed to Davao del Norte PNP provincial director: “Kindly arrest the 3 bodyguards of Panabo City Mayor Hon. Engr. James G. Gamao who happened to be a policemen! They are so arrogant & unbecoming attitude towards me. They deserved to be sanctioned.’Gipabuthan ko nila ug gi-threat nga kung dili ka muoli basi dire lang ka taman!’ (They threatened me with a gun blast and warning that if I won’t go home I would then be end there). During that incident happened last Monday. I went to Panabo City Police Station to blottter that bad experience but they refuse me to do so ‘wala ko gipasulod’ (they did not allow me to enter). That was very traumatic & the most painful experience to me in my whole life.”

In separate interview, her father publisher Ped Velasco vowed to seek help from authorities to help her daughter. Friends advised him to ask help from President Duterte as her daughter continues to seek justice for more than two weeks now.

Over the last weekend the young Velasco showed on  Facebook she was confined in Kapalong District Hospital due to “health complications” but as of Tuesday dawn she said she was already back to normal, and posted: “OMG. I am an early riser. I wake up everyday @3am. So many things to do so little time.#Preoccupied”

As of Tuesday noon, Velasco’s posts relating the incident have not yet been taken out.

Mindanao Sun Chronicle online has already taken screenshots on Velasco’s incident posts on her Facebook. ( Monforte)

P10M Worth ASEAN Travel of DavNor Provincial Officials Brings Them to Wonderful Places

This is a developing story:

Some 22 officials of Davao del Norte Capitol are currently travelling in Southeast Asia and they are bound to visit Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in what the provincial government officially billed in their travel proposal as “ASEAN Integration Learning Exchange Caravan (AILEC)”.

They, led by Gov. Anthony del Rosario, form as the first batch of travellers, and a source said that each of the board members and department heads have P170,000 approved budget in their itinerary for two weeks’ time. The governor however has greater budget, being the top VIP.

At that per-capita budget, the total budget of their ASEAN travel could roughly be P10 million considering that the second batch of about the same number would fly next when the first batch arrives.

DavNor travellers at Bati Caves, Kuala Lumpur. (photo credit via Facebook – Shirley Belen Aala)

Earlier, it was reported all department heads and all board members, the vice governor and the governor would be off for ASEAN tour altogether in one group from Oct. 1 to 13.

A source said the DILG did not like the idea that the Capitol would be left run by deputies. So, it was divided into two batches, with the second batch to be led by current acting Governor (Vice Gov.) Alan Dujali.

From Facebook posts of Board Member Shirley Belen Aala, the first batch travellers have already gone to Singapore, Malaysia and as of Sunday they were in Thailand.

In Singapore, they toured the modern city using a modern transport, Phil. Embassy, flower, squash garden by the bay with backdrop of a beautiful dome, among wondrous sites they toured, watched evening show of stage in the sea, and had roundtable discussion at WSH Institute, Ministry of Communication and Technology officials.

In Malaysia, among sites, they toured and went malling in the Twin Petronas Building, Bati Caves, Golden Buddha in Kuala Lumpur, watched cultural show, had exchanged of best practices with Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government. ( Monforte)

Mediocre Teachers, Fake Doctors of Education Produced by Diploma Mill in Cebu Are Increasing in Davao Region

Mediocre teachers who cannot even speak English are increasing in number in Davao Region, and are getting promoted due to their doctorate degrees obtained in short time from a diploma mill school in Cebu.

“This modus, scam of producing fake PhDs, Doctors of Education by a certain Dr. ******* who connects with a school in Cebu has got to stop,” said an elementary teacher, who is teaching somewhere north of Davao Region.

3nqvtvnHe said the DepEd division he is under would have a dark future of having many teachers getting promoted as school principals and heads as they brandish their dubious doctorate degrees from a diploma mill in Cebu.

In fact, he said he is dismayed each time his principal, a product of Dr. Ispongklong (not his real name) of the diploma mill, begs off he cannot speak English during school programs and his fellow teachers would just laugh or smile, understanding their “bugo but dakog sweldo nga principal”.

He questioned: “what if most of the schools in the district have these mediocre teachers leading, what are the learning outcomes? Surely we’ll end up producing dull pupils and students, for having bugo school leaders, we end up producing bugo students, then we fail in educating.”

“But we are suffering already from intellectual mediocrity by position-oriented mediocre teachers who have no capability to produce good learning outcomes,” he said.

The source also bared that Dr. Ispongklong has a sort of recruiter from among his products, and this recruiter has a district-level position.

Obtaining a doctorate degree via Dr. Ispongklong is easy but costly as doctorate title-seeking teachers would only have a year of schooling and then a paid dissertation worth about P180,000 package deal by Dr. Ispongklong, and in sum they just need more than P300,000 in a year of studying and dissertation, then on the next year, they graduate as doctor of education, as PhD, said the source.

In reputable universities, getting a doctorate degree would take about four years. ( Monforte)

In Davao del Norte, Everybody Is Already Jumping to Speaker’s PDP-Laban: AGR No Choice

Everybody in Davao del Norte is already jumping to the PDP-Laban led by Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez.

Former Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, former Tagum City Councilor Nickel Suaybaguio went to Congress Monday last week and inside the office of the Speaker they took oath as new members of PDP-Laban administered by the Speaker himself.  

The Speaker’s brother in Mason worshipful association Nick Suaybaguio, Sr swore in ahead as new PDP-Laban member not as a politician but as believer of President Digong Duterte, PDP-Laban chairman, whom Nick sees as “Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio rolled into one.”

Speaker Alvarez puts his arm to Mason brother Nick Suaybaguio in photo opportunity inside the Speaker’s office in Congress after the latter took his oath as new member of PDP-Laban.

The Last 2 District 1 mayors who did not yet pledge to PDP-Laban – New Corella Mayor Doray Alcoran and Asuncion Mayor lawyer Yuri Dayaday are now reportedly preparing for the mass oathtaking of their groups on Oct. 15.

Mayor Alcoran said that Governor Anthony del Rosario would follow suit “in due time.”

Last August 28 afternoon the Speaker and Senate President Koko Pimentel sworn in thousands of municipal and barangay officials in Davao del Norte during the PDP-Laban mass oathtaking at the New Tagum City Hall.

They also sworn in 99.7 percent of provincial, municipal and barangay officials in Compostela Valley morning of the same day.

Though in Davao Del Norte, the mass defection from Liberal Party is happening only in District 1 while District 2 was only disturbed by yet one defection case in the swearing in of IGACOS Mayor Al David Uy, pundits said that Gov. Del Rosario “would have no choice but ultimately be a turncoat to PDP-Laban from the LP” to get the equity of the incumbent in the next election and handily make his reelection possibly without an opponent.

Pundits said that the governor is just so cautious not to rock the boat in the Del Rosario’s family reconciliation with the Floirendos that has already passed two elections anchored on political unification after the divisive rift between the two families within the same clan towards the 2007 polls.

The last two elections (2016, 2013) had not seen the two reigning political families in the province- Del Rosario and Floirendo- fighting in electoral front in the province via proxy political wars in cities and municipalities as they reconciled and effected political unification on the principle of not disturbing each other’s bailiwicks (Floirendos to District 2, Del Rosarios to District 1).

Currently, the Speaker has running bad feud with erstwhile bosom friend Cong. Tony Boy Floirendo, and with this, pundits see the governor’s swearing in to Alvarez-led PDP-Laban as giving political challenge to Cong. Floirendo and to Tadeco, whose age-old Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with government has been sought for nullification by Alvarez.

Besides, the Speaker had sued Floirendo in a graft case that the Ombudsman recently given favorable endorsement to the Sandiganbayan for judgment.

Alvarez in various media interviews also said he is also preparing a plunder case against Floirendo family members over the same JVA issue, which the Floreindo and Tadeco lawyers already refuted as assailable in various fora including in Congressional committee probes.

It is also strange seeing the governor to be sworn in by newly comebacking Cong. Alvarez, but who is now a reigning strong, powerful Duterte boy Speaker. ( Monforte)