Alvarez Wants To Slap Gov. AGR, Accuses Him of Getting P500,000 Commission from DPWH Project

House Speaker and 1st District Rep. Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez publicly dropped unsavory words that he wanted Davao del Norte Governor Anthony “AGR” del Rosario to be brought to him so he could strongly slap him.

This, as he accused the governor of getting P500,000 commission from an infrastructure project in Dept. of Public Works and Highways when he was still a congressman.

Alvarez’ fit of anger and accusation were both thrown at Del Rosario during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Davao Regional Medical Center Extension Hospital in Sawata, San Isidro, Davao del Norte last Saturday. It was attended by mayors in the 1st District, municipal officials and guests. The governor was not present.

Alvarez statements in Sawata blew the lid wide open telling all that Alvarez and Del Rosario have a running secret rift, generating political excitement and unease in the province.


In a press conference at the site, Alvarez was asked what he could say on the issue that the P2.6-billion flyover project currently being constructed at the heart of Tagum City suddenly came out from nowhere as it was not part of the Annual Investment Plan of the region and that somebody was blocking its implementation.

Hearing the question, Alvarez fumed saying in vernacular: “Kinsa may gustong mopugong sa project nga flyover? Kinsa man kay akong laparohon. Unsa man ilang tuyo ug gusto nila? (Who’s he who wants to block the flyover project? So i can strongly slap him. What do they want?)

The mediaman asking the question mentioned the word “governor”.

Alvarez then continued: “Kinsay nag-ingon ana? Kay laparohon nako. Kinsa man na nga governor? Ingna siya reklamo dire nako kay laparuhon ko siya, o ingna pagbasa usa ug libro usa siya moreklamo… Nagyaya lang na nga gobernador na! (Who said that? So I could slap him. Who’s that governor? Tell him, complain right to me so I can slap him, tell him to read first the book. What a docile governor!)”.

The Speaker added that if the governor could not place a big project in the province it would be better for him not to complain, adding: “seguro nagreklamo siya tungod kay di ka porsyento (he complained as he could not get percent from it), in apparent reference to Del Rosario.

Another question during the same presscon put the Speaker on further attack mode.

He alleged that the governor when he was still the District 1 congressman went “wild” in DPWH office over not getting the P200,000 balance of his supposed P700,000 commission from a contractor.

The contractor did not give the P200,000 balance because the governor had already taken the P500,000 in cash advance, Alvarez told mediamen and witnessing officials and guests.

Alvarez said somebody told him about it, even as he challenged Del Rosario to prove it wrong so that he could present his source to him.

However, last Sunday during a media dinner for a cause in Tagum City where Gov. Del Rosario was the honored guest, he replied to Alvarez allegations, saying that in Del Rosarios’ long years of serving the province they never have been involved in corruption.

He challenged the people not to elect them if their alleged corruption could be proven.

He added that he had never been in DPWH provincial and regional offices, as he denied Alvarez’ allegation of him pocketing commission.

He further said he would not further add to Alvarez allegations, saying he does not know where the information came from and why Alvarez was mad at him when he has not sinned against him. “Kay basig masuko na pod si Bebot (I don’t want Bebot to get angry again at me)”. ( Monforte)

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