Buzz Heard in Samal Island: AGR for District 2 Cong, RDR for Gub|And Surprise: Dawn Zulueta for Congw in Comval

If politics is like a poker game, then somebody’s behind a player has squelled the cards to the other player by cues, and by conspiracy he lays down cards already known by the sure victor.

It’s still so early but the political teapot in Davao del Norte percolates hot in a season of rumors on transfer of residency of leading politicians.


First there was that buzz on Comval senior Board Member Chiongkee Uy planning to transfer his residency in Tagum City, so he can run first for city mayor and then for governor or for any post.

Then on Tuesday a buzz came from IGACOS city head employee saying: a political officer of Gov. Anthony del Rosario uttered that Gov. AGR will instead run for District 2 congressman as Cong. Tony Boy Floirendo was also buzzed to be no longer running for reelection in the 2019 midterm election- if there is still election- due to intense external and internal pressures while Tadeco, with its publicly known resource backing to its political kingpin, would scout for a good alternative candidate to back for.

The political officer also said that at Gov. AGR’s stead his father former Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario, now 82, would make a comeback for governor, the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.

But then there is also a separate buzz about actress Dawn Zulueta planning to run for Congress in Comval as Tadeco has already established a vast plantation in the coastal part there.

Wildcard pocker game buzzes with a farfetched Dawn Z. strain in sister provinces are cracking up week by week.

If politicians in political poker game wish to transfer their residency, they have until April 2018 to do it, if there is still election under the Duterte administration which wants Cha-Cha to have a federal government. ( Monforte)

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