Speaker Alvarez Designates Vice Gov. Dujali as His Infra Pointman for District 2

Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez in his speech during the mass oathtaking of new PDP-Laban members in Panabo City Thursday informed a huge crowd of over 8,000 people that given that there has been a dismal lack of infrastructure projects in District 2 he is designating Vice Governor Alan “Aldo” Dujali to be his pointman for infrastructure projects in the same congressional district.

The Speaker said that as the District 2 Congressman Tony Boy Floirendo has “always been absent” in Congress, the District suffers to have no project very much unlike to Compostela Valley which has massive infrastructures like highway six-lane widening and road concreting initiated by their congressmen.

speaker alvarez and vice gov alan dujali
Speaker and 1st District Cong. Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez and Vice Gov. Alan Dujali lead over 8,000 newly sworn-in party members of the PDP-Laban during the mass oathtaking Thursday held at the covered gym in Brgy. Salvacion, Panabo City.

For this to be addressed, the Speaker designated Panabo’s son Vice Gov. Dujali to be his pointman, saying “si Vice Governor Dujali na ang inyong duolon, siya nay motrabaho, mag-estorya mi ani sa Kongreso kanunay with Comval Congressman Ruwel Gonzaga (you just approach the vice governor and he will work for it, we’ll always talk about this in Congress with Cong. Gonzaga), to the roaring applause of the crowd.

Dujali has been groomed by Speaker Alvarez to be his congressional bet in District 2 comes the 2019 elections.

As he crossed boundaries to serve being a Speaker of the House of Representatives, he also informed the huge crowd that beginning from the gathering District 2 constituents can now ask hospitalization assistance from his congressional office “charged to me” when they are confined in Davao Regional Medical Center in Tagum City. Free medicines would also be availed by District 2 constituents.

Also in his speech, the Speaker castigated anew Cong. Floirendo relating to the latter’s involvement in what was said as disadvantageous Joint Venture Agreement between his family’s TADECO and Bureau of Correction out of the low lease of the over 5,308 hectares of government land by the company since 1969.

Alvarez dropped sarcasm to the district leadership and to the city administration saying he himself had to ask for apology to the PDP people gathering in jampacked and sun-scorched situation at the small covered court in Barangay Salvacion.

He said he admired the bravery of barangay chairman and ABC city president Jose Relampagos for not cowering in fear to give space for the PDP-Laban event. For this, the Speaker would be allocating P4 million for infrastructure project of Barangay Salvacion.

Panabo City Mayor James Gamao was hit by several speakers during the gathering for disrespecting the Office of the Speaker of the House into not granting the organizers’ earlier requests of using the city gymnasium near the Panabo City Hall.

Most of the more than 8,000 persons and officials who took oath as new party members of PDP-Laban came from District 2 while the rest came from District 1 specifically those who missed the first mass oathtaking last Aug. 28 at Tagum City. The crowd included bigger delegation from New Corella led by Mayor Rhodora Alcoran.

The Speaker then choppered to Babak, Samal Island for the 2nd mass oathtaking of new PDP-Laban members there in the afternoon.

The Speaker also swore in over 8,000 persons and mostly barangay officials in the Island Garden City of Samal mobilized by Mayor Al David Uy, who earlier took oath during the Aug. 28 mass oathtaking in Tagum City.

Joining the Speaker’s party were PDP-Laban regional chairman and 2nd District Comval Cong. Gonzaga and Bataan transgender Congw. Geraldine Roman. (mindanaosunchronicle.com/Cha Monforte)

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