Alvarez: Digong Doesn’t Stop Me in My Anti-TADECO JVA Moves

Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez bared to a mammoth crowd during the mass oathtaking of new PDP-Laban party members Thursday at Panabo City that President Duterte has never asked him to stop in his current moves to invalidate the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) between TADECO and the Bureau of Corrections (BoC).

He announced before 8,000 people under the sun-scorched mini covered court of Barangay Salvacion: “Ang atong Presidente wa gyod nagsulti nako nga ‘undanga na diha’. Wala nanghilabot si Presidente kay isip pod abugado kabalo siya nga may diperensya ang kontrata (The President never asks me to stop, he does not meddle because as a lawyer he knows that the contract (JVA) has infirmities). ”

speaker alvarez panabo mass oathtaking

“For long years they have been hiding the contract and when I became a Speaker and obtained a copy I almost painted,”Alvarez said in vernacular.

He said that in the past while other companies such as Stanfilco, Dole, Soriano had their lease running from P500 minimum to P1,000 maximum per hectare per year, TADECO had leased only on measly P50 per hectare per year.

“Put*ng *na nganong di ka madato ana? (Son of a b*tch, how come you can’t be rich by that?” the Speaker charged before a roaring huge crowd, as he pointed out in apparent compare and contrast that the late Antonio Floirendo Sr only started as small-time dealer of Ford automobiles.

The Speaker also informed them he has already filed a case against Congressman Tony Boy Floirendo Jr stemming from what was said as disadvantageous JVA even as he cited positions of the Dept. of Justice, Solicitor General and Commission on Audit favoring the nullification of the JVA.

He added he is also coming up a plunder case against the Floirendo family as he charged them anew for “not thief but robbery” stemming from the JVA.

In apparent sarcasm delivered in jest, he dared Cong. Floirendo: “pagsugod na ug martsa paingon diha o, diha (pointing his finger to the west) diha ka isulod sa DAPECOL (start marching now going to… as you will be put there, there… inside the DAPECOL”, which is now named Davao Prison and Penal Farm, the biggest State prison colony in Mindanao.

Alvarez in his earlier speaking engagements and various media interviews have been making those accusations against Cong. Floirendo and his family, and his coming plunder case, which Floirendo and TADECO lawyers already refuted as assailable in various fora including the earlier Congressional joint committee hearings.

Alvarez also dropped sarcasm to the district leadership and to the city administration saying he himself had to ask for apology to the PDP people gathering in jampacked and sun-scorched situation at the small covered court in Barangay Salvacion.

He said he admired the bravery of barangay chairman and ABC city president Jose Relampagos for not cowering in fear to give space for the PDP-Laban event.

Panabo City Mayor James Gamao was hit by several speakers during the gathering for disrespecting the Office of the Speaker of the House into not granting the organizers’ earlier requests of using the city gymnasium near the Panabo City Hall.

Vice Governor Alan Dujali, in his speech, said that they requested to use the city gym or Freedom Park for the event supposedly last Aug. 25 but Gamao did not grant, so they postponed the event and rescheduled it to Nov. 30, leading to another request to use either the gym or Freedom Park, but “gibalibaran gihapon kay busy daw (the request was again denied for the reason that they’re accordingly busy).”

Vice Gov. Dujali called on the people in District 2 to continue fighting for freedom from dictates of one big family that have been swinging over in the district for the past five elections.

“On this historic day we planted the seed of change. We fought in the past, why should we stop when the President is ours now?” the vice governor challenged the massive PDP-Laban members.

Dujali was designated by Speaker Alvarez be his pointman for infrastructure projects in District 2 in view of the dismal lack of infrastructure projects in the district due to “absences” of Cong. Floirendo.

The vice governor has been groomed by Speaker Alvarez to be his congressional bet in District 2 comes the 2019 elections.

The side of the Floirendos as to the renewed digs and swipes of Alvarez made during the mass oathtakings is still being awaited to come out in the press as of press time.

The mass oathtaking of new PDP-Laban members right at Floirendo’s home turf city of Panabo was the third after the mass oathtaking events in Tagum City last Aug. 28 and in Babak, Samal Island last Oct. 14.

But the fourth mass oathtaking in the province for the ruling party under the Duterte administration came in shortly in the afternoon in Babak, Samal Island.

The Speaker then choppered to Babak for the mass oathtaking of more than 8,000 new PDP-Laban members from mostly barangay officials in the Island Garden City of Samal.

Joining the Speaker’s party were PDP-Laban regional chairman and 2nd District Compostela Valley Cong. Ruwel Peter Gonzaga and Bataan transgender Congresswoman Geraldine Roman. ( Monforte)

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