Dapecol-Tadeco JVA Area To Be Transformed Into the Biggest International Airport in PH

The 5,308 hectares of land leased since 1969 by Tadeco would be transformed into the country’s biggest most modern, world class international airport.

That is in so far as the initial outlook of planners making a Davao Super Region master plan is concerned, information reached Mindanao Sun Chronicle online edition.


The connectivity of the Dapecol area has been accidentally discovered when road bypass systems, which have been in the works in the past, and the opportunity of having free vast government lands like the JVA area for development emerged as confluence of factors favoring the reversion of the 5,308 hectares to the government under the Duterte administration, the information of master planners said.

The Davao Super Region masterplan that would include the Dapecol JVA area for the international airport is currently in the works with a funding of P25 million from congressional funds under the initiative of Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez.

These as banners made of sacks with words painted in red paint continue to hang in the bamboo fences of Tadeco and planted along the highways from Carmen to Sto. Tomas.

Common call of the tens of thousands of sack banners revolve on opposing the reversion or taking back of the Tadeco JVA area by the government.

Many banners have also words appearing to be threatening and combatant to trespassers to Dapecol area.

Surprisingly, company labor unions in Tadeco such as TUCP-ALU and Sword are the ones calling or being used to oppose the impending reversion of the JVA area to the government as Congress under the leadership of Speaker Alvarez and the executive department won in the lower level in the pending cases on JVA reversion.

The JVA area constitute more than half of Tadeco’s total production area of cavendish bananas for export. (mindanaosunchronicle.com/Cha Monforte)

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