ENRO Engr. Senajon: Barangay-based Waste Collection Proves Sustainable in Panabo City

The barangay-based waste collection system of Panabo City is proving to be just sustainable until todate after being used in the past 20 years.

“Compared to other cities where waste collection throughout is done by the city governments, in our city each barangay collects its own wastes while the our city government only collects the wastes from the public markets, city roads, public plaza and government institutions,” said Panabo City Environment Officer Engr. Felix Jonases Senajon.

He said this system started during the time of the late Mayor Versim Enad in the late 90s when the barangays bought their own garbage trucks through a loan facilitated by the city government.

engr felix jonases senajon
Panabo City Environment Officer Engr. Felix Jonases Senajon, MEP-Envi.,CE

“Now all our 40 barangays are still collecting their wastes and getting income from garbage fees,” he said.

All throughout wastes in the city collected daily reach to 40-50 tons. These are collected by two dumptrucks and three compactors of the city government, and 24 dumptrucks from various barangays.

The wastes are dumped to the city’s controlled dumpsite at Brgy. Malitbog.

Meanwhile, Engr. Senajon also bared that the city continues to have no mining activities except quarrying in various sites in the Lasang River.

Panabo City is considered as the cavendish banana capital of the Philippines owning mostly to the vast plantations of TADECO.

TADECO, however, has larger areas which have been petitioned for land reform by agrarian reform beneficiary groups while the Joint Venture Agreement covering its 5,308 hectares leased from Bureau of Corrections is in danger of going back to the government due to aggressive legal petitions of Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. (mindanaosunchronicle.com/Cha Monforte)

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