CCTV-Connected Mawab from Poblacion to All Barangays Coming- Mayor Rupet Gonzaga

Mawab Mayor Ruperto “Rupet” Gonzaga will be putting up in the coming months a municipalwide CCTV (closed circuit TV) system from the poblacion to all its 11 barangays.

“This project worth P4 million would be from the poblacion to all barangays. Videos even from most remote barangay can be seen in the central monitor right in the municipal hall,” he said, citing the importance of the CCTV in the municipality’s peace and order campaign.

Mayor Rupet Gonzaga (right, in white T shirt) discussing his big-ticket projects with his barangay captains.

He informed this Friday during a meeting of barangays captains.

He said the number of cameras each barangay would have would depend on its size and peculiarities and next week the contractor’s technical staff would conduct detailed site inspection and analysis.

“Every street in the poblacion, the public market, commercial areas, to schools and important others would have cameras,” he added.

In Metro Manila and other cities and usually urban areas and high-end subdivisions, CCTVs have time and again shown to be effective in deterring crimes and sources of footages in knowing crime suspects or analyzing crime occurences, accidents and the like.

Mayor Gonzaga is trailblazing in this innovation of connecting his town’s urban and rural areas through CCTV system.

A barangay captain said that the CCTV could greatly help in countering incidents of lungkab or akyat bahay in his barangay.

The project is part of Mayor Gonzaga’s “Bag-ong Mawab” program. Besides, he also informed the barangay that the new public market project in three-hectare land would be implemented with P50 million funding, P15 million of which comes from the municipal government and the rest from Congress thru Congressman Ruwel Peter Gonzaga. All streets in the poblacion would also he cemented. ( Monforte)

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