Polong Slams Bayarang Media, Gives ‘P1.9M Watch’ to Mediaman To Be Libeled by Trillanes

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Polong” Duterte vented out his fury and ire to the “bayarang media” in a press conference Tuesday following the State of the City Address made by his sister Mayor Sara Duterte.

The mayor had her press conference first then the vice mayor followed her after she exited from the press conference venue at the City Hall.

“Ang problema ani kay dili amoa ang media, ang media bayaran, bayaran, pero dili na ninyo matonto ang mga Pilipino karon (The problem is that media is not ours, the media can be bought but you can no longer fool the Filipino people now),” the vice mayor ranted before city reporters.

polong duterte
(photo screengrab via Facebook-News5/Gem Avanceña)

He mentioned “ABS, GMA, all”,  then questioned the move of Duterte nemesis Senator Antonio Trillanes IV of planning to sue a Davao City mediaman Ben Tesiorna with libel.He said that he himself did not file libel cases against ABS-CBN, GMA even if he was much maligned as the “punching bag” Duterte family and ” now here’s media personality who came out a propaganda” and is already targeted by Trillanes with libel suit.

He added that the other problem is the penchant to twist stories against him “by your media bosses in Manila” citing that the Senate just “invited” him to appear in the committee hearing on the controversy on P6.4 billion shabu shipment to which the media “twisted that he was subpoenaed.”

He also cited the case of Mark Taguba whom he said had never said that he was involved in shabu shipment.

He then hit Trillanes whom he called as “ugok” (fool), who had his questions consumed, and who only raised recycled issues during the recent Senate committee hearing where he appeared as invited .

He also slammed the yellowtards “nga morag nag mga buang nga makaestorya” (almost insane to talk about) Dutertes.

The vice mayor then took out his Audemars Piguet watch, “an imitation given as a gift by a friend” and gave it to Tesiorna whom he asked to sell it at P1.9 million as alleged by yellowtards and if it could be bought at that price the mediamen attending the press conference would then divide the sales by themselves.

But if it could not be sold at that price, Tesiorna would have to return the watch to him, he said in jest.

As to the vice mayor’s tattoo, he said: “Hindi kami uto uto, when the time comes na nahulog na siya (Trillanes) at naputol na ang pakpak nya dahil sa taas ng kanyang lipad, ipapakita ko to (tattoo).”

“Sinabihan ko nga yung tattoo artist ko, I also texted Baste kasi kaibigan nya yun, not to post my tattoo. Iinisin mo muna yung kalaban hanggang mabiyak yung ulo nila, lalo na tong mga yellowtards, lalo na yung nasa social media, na nabaliw na sa kakasalita. Let them eat the dragon then I will show you my tattoo. Not now.”

Trillanes also threatened to sue with libel pro-Duterte press and communications undersecretary Mocha Uson and PTV-4 anchor Erwin Tulfo.- source: News5 video (mindanaosunchronicle/Cha Monforte)

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