Mayor Rellon Nagpalabas ng Sama ng Loob sa Administrator ng Carmen at Biased Media

Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon aired out his disgust over frequent unfair and insidious Facebook posts against him by Carmen municipal administrator Octavio Valle.
He said Valle lately posted that his war on drug “is doomed to fail.”
“Here comes a certain government functionary, an administrator telling another LGU that our anti-drug campaign is doomed to fail,” the mayor said apparently not hiding his disgust to Valle, a former Tagum councilor.
He said these before interviewing mediamen on Tuesday in his office at the New City Hall.
allan rellon boy scout
Rellon said that it is public knowledge in Tagum that Valle sometime in the past got lost in the city after serving as councilor in the late 80s as he was hounded by drug use allegation.
The mayor added that his staffers were able to get a screenshot of Valle’s derisive posts and with it he plans to use it in powerpoint presentation during the City Hall’s anti-drug campaigns.
Rellon debunked Valle’s hoot of derision on Facebook saying that on the contrary the city’s own war on drug has produced many success stories.
On the first month of Rellon’s war on drug it gathered 8,000 surrenderees wanting reformation.
On the other hand, the mayor also complained over unfair attacks against him by biased broadcasters.
He said one broadcaster always hits him no end and projects “low morale in the city” but he said the broadcaster is clearly serving a political favor.
He added that the other one is a Boy Scout employee and broadcaster Dennis Lazo.
He said that he and Lazo being actively with the Boy Scout movement should give the latter at least a second thought whether he would choose to be an attack dog of his rival in the last election.
He said that Lazo could have simply just inhibited himself as they are on the same Boy Scout’s boat.
Rellon is a member of the BSP national executive board appointed by President Duterte.
Recently, he along with some BSP national executive board members led by BSP national president Wendel Avisado attended the World Boy Scout Conference in Azerbaijan in southern Europe.
The mayor told mediamen that he is now preparing for the hosting of the 6th ASEAN Jamboree on Nov. 27-Dec. 2, 2017 to be held at the sprawling Energy Park with expected 25,000 Boy Scout and girl Scout delegates.
Mindanao Sun Chronicle Online tried but failed to contact Valle and Lazo for comments. ( Monforte)

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