Chiongkee Shrugs Off Talks He’ll Run for Tagum Mayor But Immediately Says Tagum Is His Birthplace

Compostela Valley’s political kingpin former Governor and now senior Board Member Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy has shrugged off the running talks in town that he would be running for mayor in Tagum City by 2019 polls.

He denied he has a plan to run for mayor while pleading not to talk about politics this time, adding that the question should be rather asked to his younger brother former Mayor Rey T. Uy or to Vice Mayor Boyet Gementiza or to anybody who is qualified to run for mayor.

comval governor chiongkee uy
Comval’s political kingpin Chiongkee Uy

“It’s too early to talk about politics, and you know politics is very divisive, seloso kaayo ning politika (politics stinks of jealousy),” he said.

But shortly after he said that Tagum is his birthplace and thus originally he has been known to be with Tagum since his childhood in Barangay Madaum, the ancestral barangay of Uy family.

He bared these when he guested Thursday the morning program “Balita sa Barangay ug Kalungsuran” anchored by broadcaster Pat Lucero Pacquiao over Tagum’s 99.9 RPFM.

And being originally associated with Tagum, he added he has abundant bosom and close friends in the city like businessmen, barangay captains, kagawads and others since the days when Tagum was still a municipality.

He admitted though that there have been a lot of businessmen, friends of him who are prodding him to run for city mayor.

What has been observed by people in the city is that he has been staying always in Tagum “because as a board member now I have plenty of vacant time” than when he was the governor in the past.

As to the generosity he has been extending to Tagumenyos seeking for his help, he said he has long been doing that like providing entertainment to requesting barangays, giving billiard, basketball facilities, uniforms to youths, arm chairs to schools, teachers tables and others.

At one time, he continued, he thought he would stop giving these, thinking that other people might misconstrue him to be having an intention.

But on the other hand he thought he is a “private citizen” in Tagum “nga andam pod motabang.”

He said that actually he has been “staying always” in Tagum but his residency is in Pantukan.

In his extro message on the talks about his running for mayor in Tagum, the former Comval governor said: “ang atong Ginoo may plano kanato sa usag usa (God has a plan for each of us)” ( Monforte)

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