Petitioners Threaten to Occupy TADECO’s JVA Area But ‘Repulsed’; Army Artillery Force Comes to Tadeco: Drama?

A still unidentified group of “land petitioners” was trying to occupy land in 5,308-hectare Tadeco-BuCor Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) area pre-dawn Saturday but was “repulsed” by Tadeco “bananeros” (workers) armed with bangkaws (sharpened wooden arrows) and supported by “back-up force” hiding in trenches inside Tadeco plantation.

(Ryan Pete Zamora/Facebook)

A Tadeco employee Ryan Pete Zamora posted on his Facebook that “at around 2:30 a.m. Saturday land petitioners onboard identified vehicles passed the El Canto and Malahay gates at the DAPECOL-JVA area but seeing the Bananeros who were ready to face them, they quietly moved away.”


He added that the “petitioners were hoping that at such unholy hour there were no forces at the gates ready to confront them. No one spoke during the brief pause as their trucks slowed down to stop. The mere sight of the Tadeco bananeros, and backup force hidden in their trenches, all eager for another fight, was enough to drive them.”

He charged that “these fake land petitioners who hail as far as Cotabato and surrounding areas in Mindanao, and are obviously funded by our detractors.”

Even then Zamora posted again on Sunday photos showing military men mounting artillery cannon which post commenter said to be in Nest Farm going Tibungol area.

Online sources said that siren from firetrucks sounded on that pre-dawn situation.

Online words mentioned about leftists and New People’s Army trying to do a Kadamay targeting the JVA area. 

At press time, it is still to be verified if the Tadeco management had reported the incident to the police as speculations were heard that Tadeco was allegedly “making up an exigent scenario like drama” even as sack posters with red paints on words castigating Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez surprisingly appeared Monday, hanged in fences of Tadeco plantation along the road going Sto. Tomas.

“If the NPAs were there to try to grab the JVA land and military cannon was mounted, why is Tadeco feeding heat to the fire through the sack streamers they massively hanged?” asked a pro-Alvarez official who requested that he be not named by the media.

Tadeco has a great danger of losing the 5,308-hectare JVA area as Speaker Alvarez questioned it as so disadvantageous to the government and sought for its cancellation while the Dept. of Justice, the Commission on Auditioned and the Office of the Solicitor General made their adverse findings in favor to JVA’s cancellation.

Tadeco is said to be giving small share or rent to the government since the 70s out from JVA area. 

There is more than a dozen of groups staking claims and petitioning portions of the Tadeco-JVA and other non-JVA areas under Dapecol reservation to be subjected to land reform and distributed to them. 

In the recent congressional hearing at the House, an information was based that besides the 5,308 hectares under JVA there are also 3,600 hectares under the Dapecol, within which it was speculated that Tadeco might have been using portions for free or without any JVA.

Tadeco representatives denied the accusations on giving small share and on using other non-JVA areas under Dapecol. ( Monforte)

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