Tagum City Senior Councilor Lingling Estabillo Pushes Children’s Festival and What Comes Next is Exciting

Tagum City Senior Councilor and lawyer Eva Lorraine Estabillo has successfully pushed another piece of legislation with the approval of the ordinance legislating the holding of a yearly Children’s Festival in Tagum City during the 46th regular session of the City Council on Tuesday.

Tagum Councilor Atty Eva Estabillo
Senior City Councilor and lawyer Lingling Estabillo of Tagum City, ordinance-prolific legislator true to her usual form

Senior Councilor Estabillo amended Section 2 of Article IV of an old and long -running City Ordinance No. 383 that was approved way back in 2009, which legislated the comprehensive welfare code of the children in the city, where it provided the holding of a Children’s Congress.

The Children’s Congress was simplistically defined as as an activity of “children who primarily come from the grassroots and out-of-school youths” who would have their Children’s Congress in October every year. The congress would be “a venue for the children to express their views relevant to the policies of the Local Government of Tagum City.”

But in the latest Ordinance No. 803-S-2017 authored by Councilor Estabillo,  the Children’s Congress is changed into a Children’s Festival while it gives more exciting and specific provisions.

The Children’s Festival would be “a week-long interactive and educational fair every 2nd week of November”, “an annual gathering of every Tagumenyo child from ages four (4) to not more than eighteen (18) years old wherein they can participate and showcase their talents and potentials in arts,  music, dance, sports and academics. It is also an event wherein the children of Tagum City remind the general public of their fundamental human rights.”

To assure the smooth implementation of the ordinance, it provided a 19-man Local Steering Committee chaired by the City Mayor and co-chaired by the City Mayor, with the committee members led by the chairperson of the Sangguniang Panglungsod’s committee on gender equality and development, children and family welfare and social services.

The City Tourism Office and the Local Council for the Protection of the Children will provide technical, secretariat and administrative support to the steering committee.

Estabillo’s latest ordinance provided a funding mechanism requiring the City Mayor to allocate an amount of not less than P500,000 beginning the year 2017 and every year thereafter.

It is definitely going to be exciting for the city’s children during the Children’s Festival with its newly approved ordinance.

The lady legislator, now on her second term, has authored several landmark and important local legislations since her first term, a few among which are the LGBT’s Tagum Pride Festival ordinance, libreng sine ordinances for senior citizens and persons with disabilities, solo parents rights ordinance, P5,000 burial assistance ordinance.

She reviewed several anachronistic ordinances or provisions of old ordinances and pushed corresponding amendments relevant to the times and most beneficial to present city clientele.

In the 2016 polls, Councilor Lingling Estabillo landed Top 1 in the councilors’ race making her as the Senior Councilor of the current 7th City Council. (mindanaosunchronicle.com/Cha Monforte)

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