DavNor Board Member Confronts Broadcaster in Snap on Issue of New Office Table Brought Home

Board Member Roy Catalan suddenly told a broadcaster in snap that the office table that has become a running talk in Davao del Norte Legislative Building was issued to him with memorandum receipt (MR) by the provincial government.

“Ang lamesa naka MR na sa akoa,” Catalan suddenly told  broadcaster Bogart Saliot, on audibly high voice while pointing his index finger to his breast.

Board Member Roy Catalan (photo: screenshot from FB of El Bonita Duterte)

The brief incident happened at the main door of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Legislative Building as Catalan was about to go out right after the committee of the whole meeting ended Monday late afternoon following the SP session.

A group of four other local mediamen witnessed the incident as they were with Saliot when a visibly irked Catalan suddenly uttered those words to the blocktime broadcaster without provocation.

Saliot tried to pursue exiting Catalan to explain, sending words “di na tinoud Board wala ka nako giatake (sa radyo) giintregahan ka lang.”

Catalan was seen to have hastily rode into his government-issued pickup vehicle when it reached the front curve to fetch him.

Asked why it happened, Saliot recalled that on early hour of the first Monday of May, he and his co-anchor Eric Alonzo arrived at the SP building only to encounter a scene where Catalan’s staffers whom Alonzo recognized were carrying a new office table, which was then being loaded to Catalan’s pickup vehicle.

Saliot added that Alonzo asked the staffers, “asa na ninyo dal-on bay?”, and he was accordingly answered, “Kay Madam.”

It was not known who the Madam was, but Saliot and Alinzo speculated that the new office table was being brought to Catalan’s house.

He said he suspected a Panabo newsman who made an intrigue on him to Catalan.

He denied he attacked Catalan on their radio program “Saliot-Alonzo Connection”, saying that on the day they arrived at the SP building it was already the “cut-off” date when their blocktime program ended in Gold FM Tagum.

Legislative offices including the session hall recently were given facelift and furnished with new furniture and fixtures that included a brand new and wider office table.

This reporter tried but failed to reach Catalan or his legislative staffers for comments.

Catalan’s office was closed a few minutes after the committee of the whole proceeding ended.

The committee of the whole approved the motion for the provincial government to borrow P600 million to fund several infra projects including construction of a new SP building worth P150 million.(mindanaosunchronicle.com/Cha Monforte)

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