Sec. Dureza Bares His Cellphone Number to Thwart Con Artist Soliciting P2M Pabaon for Russia Trip

Chief Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza publicly bared his cellphone number ostensibly to thwart a con artist soliciting P2 million to a “Davao contractor” purportedly for “pabaon” for   “Sec Jess Dureza” for his trip to Russia. 

The TV news on Monday evening just confirmed that President Duterte is going to Russia on Wednesday, following his recent China trip.


On his Facebook, Dureza bared Monday night, around 9:30, his cellphone number, and this is: 09176535377.

The secretary was responding to a message “from a well-meaning friend” who called his nephew who informed him about a certain “Aguelo” who was soliciting P2 million pabaon for his trip to Russia.

He opened his post, asking: “Where’s my  ‘pabaon’?”

“Wow! I’m still waiting for the turnover of the P2M to me. Please do, Mr Aguelo and yes, thank you,  but please be a bit more accurate as I’m not going to Russia at all with the President. Pls go back to the contractor and tell him that I was instead going to the Netherlands on Thursday! And  pls, in euros, not pesos!!”he added, poking fun out from the uncovered potential heist.

The cellphone number that he gave was directly related to the Office of Presidential Adviser on Peace Process that he heads as he bared that ” Opapp is now implementing billions worth of PAMANA projects all over the country” and sought support of the public “to report to him directly thru 09176535377 any specific information about corrupt practices by anyone. You need not disclose your names. In fact, I will protect those who are willing to help us. Thank you.”

Most of his netizen FB friends have been positively reacting to the post to support Sec. Dureza.

About 30 minutes after he posted about the pabaon, he got a lead from someone who read his post, and texted him that “Aguelo” is allegedly bad character and owes huge sum from owner of Big 8 hotel, Mr. Quibod.

The suspect is said to be a miner and a sub-contractor of mine in Surigao.

Another texter said that Aguelo is allegedly a racketeer, who had a power plant project, that fortunately was not realized in the past.

The suspect would ask 50% payment from client even if the project was not yet completed, added the texter.

Dureza said he does not know the person, and vowed to zero in on Aguelo. 

Gypping solicitation of money in behalf of President Duterte by con artists have been reported and become source of complaints by Pres. Duterte’s top appointees time and again.

Former National Irrigation Administration Chief Pete Lavina earlier complained over duping persons using his name and the President’s name soliciting for their money-making modus operandi. ( Monforte)

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