It’s All Halal in Abreeza Davao; Get to Know Halal & Haram in Abreeza

The 2nd Halal Trade and Tourism Expo is currently on show at the Activity Center in Abreeza Mall in Davao City after taking off Friday and this Sunday, May 7 is the last day of the Expo and you better catch the exhibitors showcasing their exquisite and marketable products certified processed and made in halal way.

There are around 20 exhibitors with booths filled with various factory-made or home-made halal products: cacao tableas, spicy honey, various chillis, various teas, durian puff, dried jack fruit, assorted yema, herbal soap, carrot soap, mangosteen antioxidant, organic soap, perfume, virgin coconut oil, chips, Moro delicacies and condiments like dudol, tinagtag, bulwa, and many more you need to explore and lap up.


“Halal is a lawful, permissible, allowable way of life, a symbol of quality and wholesomeness,” says Ms. Marilou Ampuan, Expo lead organizer.

The Expo aims to heighten the public’s understanding on halal as this way of life first practised by Muslims but embraceable by all regardless of faith has been going on increasing practice in the U.S. and other countries.

It is a healthy, organic, clean, spiritual way of life promoting longevity of one’s life. It does not only mean the products but also services.


Ampuan added that halal has two aspects – first, the technical aspect, that is about the standards to follow like the humane or uncruel way of slaughtering animals for food, and the clean, hygienic food processing, preparation and others, and second, the Sharia aspect, that is about the Islamic ways, like the no-nos to pork and alcohol.

Halal’s opposite is haram, the un-permissible, not allowed, not permitted practices, ways of life.

“We are showcasing Davao City as a model of halal because the President has been promoting the halal way of life,” she said.

The halal ways that President Duterte got to implement when he was still the mayor are no-smoking ordinance, liquor ordinance and others. “Davao City has many halal ordinances.”

Ms. Malou Ampuan, Expo lead organizer

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio recently signed her Executive Order No. 12 creating Davao City Halal Industry Development Council.

The Expo started Friday with business-to-business matching session at near SEDA Hotel.

This is organized by Universal Islamic Center Foundation in cooperation with the DTI, DoT, Davao City Government, MinDA, DCIPC and halal organizations.

Chairs are ready for you to watch various educational videos about halal on large screen. ( Monforte)

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