TADECO Employee Posts Long Rebuttal to a Columnist Hack Funded by Apparently Alvarez: The Summary

This is a developing story.


A Tadeco employee wanting to protect the now controversial Joint Venture Agreement between Tadeco and BuCor-Dapecol made a long rebuttal post on his Facebook refuting the allegations of a paid columnist hack of The Manila Times whom he did not name and whom he associated to have been funded by one he called as you-know who.

The Tadeco employee Ryan Pete Zamora was obviously referring the columnist-writer as Rigoberto Tiglao and his alleged funder as Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, who has a running big rift with his erstwhile political friend-patron Congressman Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo, Jr.

Tiglao recently wrote an article “Why Duterte’s Offensive to Marcos Crony and Oligarch Floirendo is Decisive”, which is so critical against TADECO and Congressman Tonyboy Floirendo including against TADECO founder and patriarch, late Don Antonio  Floirendo, Sr. 

In the article, Tiglao wrote: “Floirendo on the other hand had managed to trivialize Duterte’s siege of him as the outcome of a squabble between his mistress and that of Alvarez. The truth is that Floirendo had moved against Alvarez to unseat him from the speakership post when he learned of Duterte’s plans against him. Floirendo immediately undertook that clever propaganda move. Floirendo’s no-holds barred move in dragging his and Alvarez’ private matters into the public sphere could be an indication of his desperation.

Floirendo’s success in that clever propaganda move is quite understandable if it is true that some P50 million had been allocated for his PR and propaganda machine, a mere drop though in the billionaire’s wealth.”

Employee Zamora is just one among many pro-Tadeco netizens who have come out to push for the continuance of the JVA of Tadeco-Bucor as they express worry on the repercussions to 25,000 Tadeco workers in case it loses the Dapecol’s more than 5,000 hectares.


Below is Zamora’s rebuttal copied from his Facebook.


Impacts of the Challenge

With all the challenges TADECO encountered in its 67 meaningful years in existence, the one we are facing right now is probably the most crucial and vital considering that TADECO is an economic driver of growth in Mindanao. That is why in the coming days, EVERYONE will be called to defend our existence as bananeros and as people of Davao del Norte. In case others have not thought of this yet, the most recent challenge is a matter of national security, social and economic concern. It will be National Security in the sense that thousands upon thousands of bananeros will be out of work. The effects on social and economic aspects are also very obvious. Hence, TADECO, the best banana plantation in the world, with its 15,000 strong bananeros, their families, their neighbors and other companies that are part of the supply chain infrastructure, will be most affected in a negative way in case an unfavorable decision will be handed down in relation to the TADECO-BuCor Joint Venture Agreement (JVA). The decision of which is a matter of the courts and of the courts alone and not by an individual or a news outlet.

Trial by Publicity

Unlike Fusarium Wilt, El Niño, La Niña or blow-downs in which TADECO have checklists and/or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the one we are facing right now is a different kind of beast. We have little time to prepare in these days of Social Media. Exacerbating to the phenomenon is the fact that some writers/journalists or media outlets such as national newspapers are not fact checking the outputs of their personnel. It’s as if words and sentences composed by these particular writers are gospel and truth. Some are even obviously one-sided they are not considering or taking time to research the other side of the argument. These kinds of writers have proclivities on tsismis. Result would be TRIAL BY PUBLICITY. In the days to come, even sooner, TRIAL BY PUBLICITY for TADECO is not farfetched. So, we have to be ready and defend our existence and be active in the platform of Social Media.

Case in Point:

An article from the “The Manila Times” entitled “Why Duterte’s Offensive to Marcos Crony and Oligarch Floirendo is Decisive” was a rather tabloid read. You see, from the title alone, bias is written all over it. Imagine! Is this fair writing? What can you expect in the body of the so called “news”? Of course, it is one-sided, bias, unfair and full of twisted “facts”.

You want to know some of his “facts”?

1. If the writer was listening to the speech of our beloved President, he was not referring to TADECO or to Floirendo for that matter. You know why? Because, among other things, he was specific to those who are not paying taxes, who are not taking good care of the employees. Sir, if you want to fight fair, why not check BIR for TADECO’s taxes and the employees ourselves for our status. This is our story we should be the one to tell it. TADECO actually is the people that create it and nurture it. So, ask us. Another was that the President even mentioned places to occupy. And Panabo was not among them, of course. In short, the writer was putting words to the mouth of our President!

2. The writer called the company Tagum Agricultural Development Corporation. No sir. It is Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc. Another issue was location. He wrote Northern Mindanao when in fact Floirendo’s from Southern Mindanao. The basic facts such as these were not even proof read. What can you expect about other statements? Yes, garbage. You will have to question about the credibility.

3. The writer mentioned about Floirendo as crony of all the past presidents… What was that all about, Sir? That’s preposterous! Of course Floirendo is a friend of maybe to all past presidents but to say that he is a crony to them all that is outright ridiculous! You can say the relationship was civil and cordial and not to the level of being a crony.

4. According again to this writer, Floirendo got cheap labor as his plantation employed the inmates at the Davao Penal Colony who were paid a pittance, much less minimum wage. Pittance. Clearly, you are not researching Sir. You were fed with lies. You know what? The official and audited financial statement will tell you that what you have written is THE pittance and not the stipend of these inmates. Inmates tapped for work in plantation as part of their rehabilitation get minimum wage prevailing in the region. Imagine for working 4-5 hours per day they are paid at the minimum prevailing wage in the region! Where is the pittance in that? This even excludes medical, educational, technical and other services. Sir writer, I invite you Sir to visit TADECO and DAPECOL, ask around. Do not accept “information” right away. You will be surprised here because of what we have become and what we have accomplished.

5. AND MANY OTHER TWISTED FACTS. If you are that interested, ask me, I can forward to you other true information. If I will be prolonging this article you might not be reading this.

No doubt the skill of this writer from “The Manila Times” is a writing skill I can only dream about. With joys but with humilities, I have also learned skills from TADECO. These are derived from the Core Values of the founder: validating and telling the truth. I know with the two previous traits I have mentioned, I am more skillful.

I am not a writer, that’s for sure.

I am not a lawyer either but a farmer, I am.

So you cannot expect jurisprudence from me.

But I can guarantee truth. And validation.

Negative Press Statements

It will be expected that sooner, rather than later, press statements from the camp of you-know-who will be released. So what do you expect? Of course it will be against us. What’s unfair about this is that this you-know-who can dictate agencies of the government because of you-know-who’s position. What with this loquacious and powerful government official pinning us down instead of pulling us up.

What I am afraid of is that if those tasked to review were really looking to void the Joint Venture Agreement in the first place. Not really a fair one.

Of course they were requested by you-know-who.

The result would be you-know-what.

But, know these:

They are not the judge and the courts will have the final say. In the courts, TADECO and the people of Panabo will have its equal footing with its detractors.

In the courts, TADECO and the people of Davao del Norte will have the fighting chance with such Bananero Challenge.



5 thoughts on “TADECO Employee Posts Long Rebuttal to a Columnist Hack Funded by Apparently Alvarez: The Summary

  1. We can only hope of a fair trial in the court following a number of wrong information and lies published in different newspapers recently. That is true, TRIAL BY PUBLICITY. And we don’t deserve it. Those “facts” were surely not validated. We were even insulted by the said writer as if we are peasants who can’t send ourselves or our children to prominent or high standard schools. Simpleng tao lang po kami na namumuhay nang marangal at may respeto po kami sa kapwa namin. Respetuhin din sana ang karapatan namin na magpahayag ng aming opinyon at ng aming ipinaglalaban nang patas at makatao. Salamat po.


  2. We will not let the interest of few people prevail against the thousands of families in Tadeco. The truth will always prevail! #TADECOKoBai


  3. One for TADECO
    we are crying for a fair judgement of the issue.
    What makes this issue more controversial is that wrong information is trying to condition the minds of the public. Gaining approval and feeding wrong information.
    People like them are the one making this country HOPELESS!!


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