Sto. Tomas, DavNor SB Does the Unthinkable: Adjourns Due to Lack of Quorum

The Sangguniang Bayan of Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte adjourned Monday morning due to lack of quorum.

This was showed in a post of Councilor Lychyl Andamon-Castrodes on her Facebook minutes after the SB had adjourned.


On her post, only she and Councilor Dario Romano and ABC representative Ricky Inodio-an and presiding officer Vice Mayor Gabriel Eric Estela were present officials in the session hall.

This is the first time this year that the municipal sanggunian of a premier municipality in Davao del Norte adjourned like that, ending a few minutes after it started.

The SB has 11 members including the vice mayor, and being so, it needs a simple majority (50 % + 1) or 6 members present to have a quorum and constitute a legal legislative body in session capable to make official business.

It is still being verified if there is one more who was present besides the four, and the reasons why the seven or so members were absent or whether they are on official business like travelling outside their municipaliy or not. ( Monforte)

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