Lucia Joaquin in Samal Island Won’t Eat Humans but the Rizalistas” – Renowned Faith Healer

By Cha Monforte

Aswangs (witches) and ongos (zombie-like creatures) from the world of bad spirit won’t eat humans but the Rizalistas should be the ones to be afraid of as they eat liver of humans, says a known faith healer in Babak, Island Garden City of Samal. 

The wakwaks, on the other hand, are kabogs (night birds) that sound “wak-wak, wak-wak” and like the first two creatures, they like to scare people, just like that, faith healer Datu Tambalan said in an interview.


“Di ni sila mangaon ug tawo, ug way bili ni sila sa ato kay buhi man ta (They will not eat humans, and they are nothing to us because we are living humans),” he said.

“Manghadlok lang ni sila sa atoa, di ba sa una pa? Kita man gani manghadlok ta sa mga bata gamit nila (They just scare us since then, right? We even used them to scare children),” Datu Tambalan added.

He said Rizalistas are true humans who kill human being so they can eat his liver.

Rizalistas are said to be cultists.( Monforte)




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