Nick Suaybaguio, Tagum’s Little Boy OK for Congress?

Tagum City’s renowned Little Boy, who’s no other than Nick Suaybaguio has just received a citation from Agila Shriners’ Temple No. 195  of Mindanao under Shriners International for leading the outstanding hosting of the Shriners’ hotsands initiation-ceremonial event last year by the newly formed Davao del Norte Chapter of the Mindanao Shriners Club.

Shriners are all Masons and they troop under the Shriners Club for purely philantrophic causes. But not all Masons are Shriners as to be a Shriner a Mason has to pass an initiation rite lasting 2 to 3 days just like the Shriners’ 25th ceremonial November 24-26 last year in Tagum City.

Shriners are described as the most philantrophic in the world, particularly helping the crippled and partially burned children. A Shriner has the title Noble.

In the country, Shriners International has only two temples- the Agila Shriners in Mindanao and the Mabuhay Shriners for Luzon and Visayas.

The Agila Shriners of Mindanao maintains and operates a medical ward at the SPMC (Southern Philippines Medical Center) in Davao City to cater to the needs of the crippled and partially burned children coming from all over Mindanao. 

Shriners’ Noble Nick Suaybaguio was the chapter president last year and out of the ceremonial event that he led to prepare and host he managed to get donations worth P259,935.55, money intended for the philanthropic programs of the Mindanao Nobles Foundation, Inc., the charity arm of Agila Shriners.

Despite being new chapter, Noble Nick managed to successfully host the ceremonial event last year fully compliant on Shriners’ standards, as he kickstarted efforts to spawn donations from well-meaning individuals and from Masons and Shriners themselves in keeping with the Shriners’ tradition and reputation of philantropy.

Meanwhile, not connected to Nick’s recent citation from Agila Shriners, Tagumenyos are abuzz with talks on possible Tagumenyo who could be a best bet for 2019 congressional race in the first district, one they who can be partner in the House of second district Congressman Tonyboy Floirendo. And the name of Tagum’s Little Boy, Nick Suaybaguio comes in palatable and sweet smelling. (mindanaosunchronicle/Cha Monforte)






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